About me

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I’m a mugoholic, that’s a thing right?! (They say the first step is admitting you have a problem…) Every place we vacation, I always pick up a new mug. My husband loves it…not. Anyways, I’m SO glad you stopped by! I’m a wife to a firefighter, a mama to Gus, Marleigh and our sweet angle baby Anne Rose, born February 10th, 2021.  I’m kicking butt at running a photography business while juggling life. I’m a firm believer in being present with family and friends as time is fleeting, though I struggle when Netflix drops the new season of “The Crown”. Then you can find me binge-watching that within three days and pretending I’m a royal. I believe in snuggling your littles while they still fit in your arms and having dance parties in the living room to Justin Timberlake, even though I can’t bust a move.

On a typical day, you’ll find me homeschooling and running after our tiny humans while making sure they stay centered on Jesus. I believe that conversation is a dying art, looking someone in the eye and just listing can do wonders for someone who just needs to be heard. I am guilty of losing sight of this from time to time.

One thing I’ve realized as I get older, is that summer is the one true season, and I’m addicted to feeling the sun on my face. It’s probably my NorCal up bring kicking in. I believe that tacos are life and coffee was sent straight from heaven. Feed me tacos and I’ll be your best friend. I love meeting new people that turn into instant friends! If you think we’d make a great fit hit me up, I’d love chat more about what you’re looking for!  Thanks for stopping by!

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+ I’m not a competitive person until you get a volleyball in front of me

+ residing in Kennewick, Washington

+ I’ll travel anywhere

+ love getting outside and longbording (although its a bit harder these days with two little ones)

+you can find me binging The Crown, Parks and Rec, or Friends

+ skydiving was the scariest thing I’ve done

+ tacos & coffee are my love language

+ will one day own a B&B in Ireland