About me

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I’m a mugoholic, that’s a thing right?! (They say the first step is admitting you have a problem…) Every place we vacation, I always pick up a new mug. My husband loves it…not. Anyways, I’m SO glad you stopped by! I’m a wife to a firefighter, a mama to Gus, Marleigh and our sweet angle baby Anne Rose, born February 10th, 2021.  I’m currently trying to figure out life through this painful season and know God is currently growing me, even when I don’t feel like I’ve come very far.  I may have not done it well, but I’m learning to trust in God more.   This has been my most trying season.  Things look a lot different to me, and I’m  embracing  that.  I personally know how time is so special and how you can lose it so quickly.

I’m a firm believer in being present with family and friends as time is fleeting, as my husband can testify that I’m constantly struggling with this especially when Netflix drops the new season of “The Crown”. Then you can find me binge-watching that within three days while sipping on tea and pretending I’m a royal. I believe in snuggling your littles while they still fit in your arms and having dance parties in the living room to Justin Timberlake, even though I can’t bust a move.

On a typical day, you’ll find me drinking loads of coffee, homeschooling Gus and Marleigh Mae, answering email and all photography things (culling, editing, marketing and all the things in-between). I believe that conversation is a dying art, looking someone in the eye and just listing to them can do wonders for someone who just needs to be heard. I am guilty of losing sight of this from time to time.

One thing I’ve realized as I get older, is that summer is the one true season, and I’m addicted to feeling the sun on my face. It’s probably my NorCal up bring kicking in. I believe that tacos are life and coffee was sent straight from heaven. Feed me tacos and I’ll be your best friend. I love meeting new people that turn into instant friends! If you think we’d make a great fit hit me up, I’d love to chat more about what you’re looking for!  Thanks for stopping by!

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+ I’m not a competitive person until you get a volleyball in front of me

+ residing in Kennewick, Washington

+ I’ll travel anywhere

+ I love getting outside and paddle boarding

+you can find me binging The Crown, Parks and Rec, or Friends

+ I’m a homeschooling mama

+ tacos & coffee are my love language

+ will one day own a B&B in Ireland